What is a Virtual Assistant?

According to the IVAA (International Virtual Assistant’s Association), a virtual assistant is defined as an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis.

Aren’t virtual assistants expensive?

Absolutely not! Actually, a virtual assistant is more cost effective than hiring an employee. You may pay more per hour than a regular employee, but leave out all the applicable taxes and benefits you need to offer a regular employee, and a virtual assistant’s wage comes out far lower than that of a regular employee.

A virtual can save money in other areas as well. How much does it cost you to maintain office footage, a computer, a phone line or two, a desk, electricity, heat, air conditioning, and parking for your regular employees? You don’t need any of those things with a virtual assistant because we supply our own.

In addition you only pay for the time we actually spend working on your tasks.

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