Benefits of Hiring LBS

There are many benefits to hiring LBS Business Services as your Virtual Assistant. Let us give you more of what you need by taking less of what you want! You’ll get more time, convenience, service & experience that saves you money!

More time to focus on your goals, profit-generating activities, and cultivating new business relationships while enjoying hobbies and recreation.

LBS is here only when you need us with no long-term contracts, only ongoing support to help you grow your business. LBS is reliable and you don’t need to worry about staff shortages or seasonal demands.

LBS can help you with many tasks, it’s like having several employees in one…without the cost!

LBS is paid only for the time spent on your project. No need to purchase software, office equipment or supplies because we are an independent business. You never pay employee costs, taxes, vacation, medical, downtime or overtime!

How is work transmitted?

Work assignments and correspondence are communicated through e-mail, phone, fax, mail, instant messenger, ftp file sharing, remote access, or delivery. For projects that require remote access, we utilize internet-based GoToMyPC or Symantec PCAnywhere software. These secure programs provide remote means of accessing work and transferring data as needed to get your project done.

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